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A memoir that illustrates the journey from an ego based person to one who is spiritually centered. Accompanied by 4 cds of Mae’s original music. Also Mae's Starlette & Saint Cookbook of Menu Sets showcasing the seasons of the journey.

The Sky's The Limit - Manifesting Your Joy

This book uses the wisdom of positivity to address the road blocks and obstacles standing in the way of your dreams and your most creative realized authentic self.

Spiritual Music

Meditative music inspired by seasons and by elements

Spiritual Apps

Sanctuary ~ Resource rich personal journal, designed for peace and healing.

Prayer Chain ~ Collection of timeless prayers and the saints who wrote them; you include your own prayers and share with friends and loved ones.

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Bookings for Spiritual Readings with Mae begin January 2015.

Mae's Reading Modality: Holistic focus on how to bring Joy and Peace into your life.

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